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Amazing Creations Products

Amazing Creations Products for your spiritual and non spiritual needs

At Amazing Creations Products we cater to the needs of our clients.  If you don't see what you want or  interested in, please inquire.  We offer our own personalized  line of spiritual cleansing products which consists of bathsalts, oil, incense, floorwash, soap etc.  You will also find other products that you may be familiar with such as florida water and various types of herbs.  

Tarot Card readings is another service that we offer.  Full readings are thirty dollars, whereas mini readings are ten dollars.  As you already know, relationships and life can be somewhat difficult. We can assist by providing clarity and insight.  If you have a particular question or unclear on your situation, you will find a reading with us compassionate, informative and fulfilling.  Readings are normally done through messaging or email service. However, for an additional fee of ten dollars the readings can be done via phone.