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Amazing Creations Products for your spiritual needs.  Products that will definitely feed your soul. We are currently offering 5% off of your online purchase.  Come shop with us now.  You won't be disappointed!

At Amazing Creations Products we cater to the needs of our clients. If you don't see what you need or interested in, please inquire.

We have  our own line of spiritual cleansing products which consists of bodywash, bathsalt, oils, incense, floorwash, candles, soap, etc. Our most popular item is the White Sage and Lavender body wash, miniature heartshape soap and incense.   

COMING SOON, we will offer other products that some of you may be familiar with such as florida water and various types of dried herbs such as Eucalyptus and Spearmint to name a few.

Tarot Card readings.  Is service that we provide as well. Full readings are thirty five dollars for 20 minutes.  Whereas, mini readings are fifteen dollars for 10 minutes. 

As you already know, relationships and life can be somewhat difficult. We can assist by providing clarity and insight. If you have a particular question or unclear on your situation, you will find a reading with us compassionate, informative and fulfilling. Readings are normally done through messaging, texting or email service. However, for an additional fee of ten dollars the readings can be done via phone.



*Saint Michael 
*Love Healing
*Love Attraction
*Spiritual Cleansing

Everyone needs help every now and then, especially when it pertains to the affairs of the heart. I am offering CANDLE BURNING SERVICES for those who need help with any situation. I will light a candle for you and burn it on our personal altar. You will get a picture of the candle before, during and after the ritual, which usually lasts about one week.

Candle burning services are $30 and include a candle chosen specifically for your situation, which is then prepared with oils and herbs and appropriate prayer.  

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