Corona Virus

How many times have you been sick and went to work only because no one would believe you?  You carried your sick ass to work. You coughed, sneezed, felt dizzy as though you where about to faint. Nevertheless, you boarded that bus, train or vehicle and somehow made it to work. If you called out one more time you would risk being written up or possibly loose your job.

So it amazes me that something as simple as if you are sick, one should simply  "stay your ass home"  is now suggested.  When this should have been the normal. However, now it's basically becoming  mandatory. Think about it, how many times have you crawled to work. Forcing yourself when you felt as though you where dying. Looking like hell, sweating, feeling as though you would pass out. Your boss or supervisor would simply look at you and not send you home. Not even acknowledge the effort you made to come in when you are visibly sick. No sympathy whatsoever. So, this #coronavirus has officially made it ok to stay home when you are feeling ill. Wow!!! In a nutshell, we have to learn to take care of ourselves. Tomorrow is never promised nor is someone's job.

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