Elevate Yourself

Get rid of anything that does not elevate you. This means to get rid of anything inhibiting greatness for you. There is always some degree of habitual behavior that often sends us in a loop of self sabotage at least once in our lives.   Sometimes without us being aware that we are indeed engaging in self destructive behavior.

This is also true for toxic relationships. Whether it is a friendship or an interment relationship.  Giving power to people that abuse your kindness, tarnish your self esteem and dim your light is damaging to your health and keeps you from realizing your true worth. If someone can’t see your worth, they aren’t worth it at all.  Sometimes the only way they can feel content with themselves is through watching you fall or being in control of someone else. That is not love.

Love is not abuse! Abuse is more than the physical. It can be mental or psychological, It can be verbally degrading one another. We tend to turn to an overindulge in pleasure when everything seems like it is crashing down. Things like alcohol, drugs, food or even and overindulgence of sex. Don’t get me wrong, We all have desires within us but the importance is bettering ourselves and not making our situations worse. I invite you to ask yourselves : “What is it that I want from life?”

“What is inhibiting me?” “How can I be the greatest version of myself possible?”
“Are my actions aligned with what I want to achieve?”

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