Saint Michael Bath Salts

Do you feel defeated?  Feel like people are getting the best of you? Are you in need of protection? SAINT MICHAEL BATH SALTS to the rescue! Saint Michael bath salt can be taken as a bath or used in the shower for protection and to defeat ones  enemies. After all, Saint Michael was assigned the task of fighting Satan.  Therefore, it is befitting to call upon him to help defeat those who seek to destroy you.  Whether you bathe or shower the choice is yours! Simply call upon the power of Saint Michael. 

Let us Pray:

Saint Michael powerful archangel of God, help me where my strengths fail me. With your power and strength, I ask that you defend, shield and protect me from evil and envious people. Please remove the obstacles that my enemies have laid before me.


  • This Saint Micheal changed my life. Brenda you are the best.❤

  • I love everything about Saint Michael


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