Introduction/Why you should Spiritually Cleanse

Let me introduce myself. I am Brenda Michelle, Owner of Amazing Creations Products. I am all about the spiritual cleansing experience. I often express the importance of spiritually cleansing. Something as simple as running water to take a spiritual bath or burning incense or sage, seems to prove difficult for some.
I will give a good example why you should spiritual cleanse.  You meet a person and feel that this person can be the right one for you. They are everything that you could have imagined! The vibes and conversation is strong. You are feeling better than you have in a long time, then all of a sudden, it comes to a complete halt. No more texts, conversations, meet ups. NOTHING. To further make matters worse, you discover that they have blocked you from social media and from having contact with them whatsoever. You and you are left wondering what the heck happened?!!  You spiritually cleanse to remove bad vibes and negative energies from every day situations and from dealing with previous difficult or painful relationships.  If you want your situation to improve, whatever it is you have to stop complaining, stop wondering what happened and fix yourself. Sometimes it is simple as doing a few spiritual cleansing baths and cleansing one home.
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