You cannot manifest money if you are always complaining about it. I repeat, you cannot manifest money if you are always complaining about it! You will not manifest money if you keep complaining about not having it. It simply won't happen. The constant complaints gets registered and it is equivalent to opening a portal, a gateway for your money to be continuously sucked away. Sure, Some money may come to you, but it will not stay.

Think about it? How can you manifest money if you constantly say "I am broke". Every day, I am broke. I am so tired of being broke. Often times one is struggling, doing their best juggling the bills and simply tired of the situation in its entirety. However, stop using and saying the words " I AM" in a negative connotation. AM is a powerful word. You do not want to broke so why do you constantly breathe life into being broke? Start by changing the way you view and say things. For example, by stating " I don't have it", does not mean that you are broke. It means that you either you don't have it available to you at the moment or don't want to give it to someone. It does not mean that you are broke. So by changing the way we say things will have a big impact. Give it a try.

Listed below are a few items that are used to for to improve one's luck or to bring in money.

Money Soap

Used to attract and bring money to the wearer.


Money Drawing Incense

Money Drawing Incense is use to bring in money, prosperity and abundance.  




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