September 2022


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I often tell people that they need to love themselves. "Love Yourself", I constantly say. I have ticked off a great many people and honestly, I really don't care. Loving yourself has nothing to do with the clothing that you wear, the latest hairstyle or how well you can beat your face. Those are things we do to make us feel good and to boost our level of confidence. When you take off your clothing, let down your hair and remove your makeup, you are still left with yourself in its original form.

Self love is loving and accepting yourself even when you are not at your best. Self love is loving yourself enough to know when it is time to move forward. When you truly love yourself, you will no longer tolerate certain situations in your life. 

Here is a love prayer that you may find useful.

Dear Lord, I have a very strong faith in you, and I believe that you can help me out of any situation. There is nothing too hard for you, My Lord. I am in distress because my dear one is gone, and I miss him/her every single day that we have been apart. How I pray, dear Lord that you may return him/her to me. Help us to rekindle the love that we share with eachother.