7 Chakra Sage Smudge Kit

7 Chakra Sage Smudge Kit

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7 Chakra Sage Smudge Kit comes with 

  1. 7 Chakra Sage Smudgestick 
  2. 7 Chakra Stone 
  3. White Candle 

White Sage that is hand-wrapped with colored rose petals to represent the 7 chakras.  This smudgestick is good for cleansing your space and yourself as you align your chakras.

Each smudge stock is approximately 4” inches.

How to use: 

Light the tip of the Smudgestick. Rotate it so all the sides get lit. Blow it out and either wave it in the air or place in a glass or metal container (one that will not burn). Then begin to cleanse!